Today: July 4, 2022
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The Nautical Institute, Pakistan Branch this year, once again, celebrated the annual Day of the Seafarer in KPT STAFF COLLEGE, Lalazar today. It was an eye-catching motto: “Every seafarer’s journey is different, but they all face similar challenges”. Most speakers addressed the event in person, and others through Zoom Link.
For 2022, the Day of the Seafarers campaign, with the theme ‘Your voyage – then and now, share your journey.’ Talks were held about the look at seafarer voyages, what it includes, how they evolved, and what remains at the heart of seafarers’ reality.
This campaign has allowed seafarers to share what resonates with them currently, whether the crew change crisis is unresolved , Job and government policies, welfare of seafarers the future of technology.
Seafarers shares their experiences.

The welcome address was delivered by the Capt. Ajmal Mahmoodi, Vice President Nautical Institute, UK.
Video Message of Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary-General IMO; has been displayed.
Video message of Capt. John Lloyd, Chief Executive The Nautical Institute, HQ.
Address by Fabrizio Barcellona, Seafarers & Inland Navigation Sections Coordinator, ITF UK (By ZOOM link).
Commodore Syed Obaidullah also address at this occasion.

Mr Syed Salman Raza, Principal Officer, Mercantile Marine Department, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan;
address at the gathering.
Mr, Adam Panjri, General Secretary Pakistan Seamen’s Union, also express his views.
Deputy conservator Karachi Port Trust Capt. Haider Raza, also share his views.
Capt. Anwar Ali Shah, Chief Guest, Ex Director General Ports and Shipping, Board member PNSC has
Sum-up the event by addressing the gathering.
An Event was successful as largely attended by the seafarers of all ranks in person as well as on zoom link.


International Day For Women In Maritime 2022 - Pakistan

“M” International Group & The Nautical Institute – Pakistan Branch conducted a Seminar cum Webinar on the behalf of IMO. Mr. Nadir Mumtaz Warraich – Chairman KPT, Capt. S.M. Ajmal Mahmoodi – Managing Director “M” International Group, Ms. Jillian Carson – President, The Nautical Institute – UK via Zoom Meeting, and many other senior guests well attended the Seminar.
More than 50 females who are directly involved in the Maritime Industry of Pakistan attended the Seminar. The first female ship cadet from Pakistan Ms. Neelam Allah Ditta who enrolled herself for HND in Maritime Training Institute (MTI) also attended the Seminar. Mementos and certificates were distributed to all the participants.

Seminar "Port Management"

MTI in collaboration with Karachi Port Trust conducted 3 days Seminar “Port Management” at KPT Staff College Lalazar for the capacity building of KPT Staff. Students from IBA and Senior Staff of KPT attended the Seminar. At the end of Seminar, Certificates were distributed by the Capt. S. M. Ajmal Mahmoodi to all the attendees.

kpt seminar port management mti maritime training institute karachi at karachi port trust staff college

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Chairman Scancom Visit

Chairman Scancom with his son alog with Capt. Rashid Anwer visited the Maritime Training Institute – Karachi and witnessed all the facilities available at MTI.

scancom ceo visited mti maritime training institute capt. rashid capt. s m ajamal mahmoodi

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KPT Chairman along with DG Port & Shipping visit

KPT Chairman along with DG Port & Shipping visited Maritime Training Institute – Karachi for the inaugural ceremony of Karachi Harbour Simulator. Also they witnessed the 1st induction of Female Cadet in Pakistan and facilities available at MTI.

kpt chairman and dg port and shipping visited mti capt. s m ajmal mahmoodi 45

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Fatmid Foundation

Fatmid Foundation conducted blood collection activity at MTI -Karachi in November 2021. Students & Staff of Maritime Training Institute – Karachi donated blood.  Certificates were given to all the donators by th Fatmid Foundation.

fatmid foundation blood bank donation at maritime training institute students and staff 11

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